Lick Creek Church of the Brethren
1500 Center Street, Bryan, Ohio 43506

Sunday School @ 9:15-10:15am
Fellowship @ 10:15-10:30am
Worship & Teaching @ 10:30-11:30am
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Lick Creek Church of the Brethren is a gathering of people who are embracing the call to be the people of God.

Together we seek a better way of living-- a way that reunites people with God, a way that builds lasting friendships between people, a way that brings healing and peace to our community.

In essence, it is a way of living that seeks to continue the work of Jesus.
  As Brethren, we believe that Christianity is a faith that must be lived as well as believed.

Our purpose is to call people into an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip them to better use their life in the service of God. 

It's not just about going to church, it's about being the church of Jesus Christ.

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The people of Lick Creek Church recognize that young people are not only the future of the church, but are the church of today. 

At Lick Creek, young people are actively involved in the worship and ministry of the church--from participation in the worship services, to community ministry projects, to youth group activities, to Sunday school. 

We seek to help people of all ages understand their special gifts for ministry and to help them develop those gifts for the glory of God and the benefit of others


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Bible Study Opportunities
Wed. Evening Bible Study at Lick Creek Church

2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00pm.

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